Thursday 25 September 2014

Ends and Beginnings

Picture I completed the Offa's Dyke Path and what a great experience that was. The last section was through the beautiful and spectacular Clwydian mountains, atmospherically misty then bright sunshine for the conclusion in Prestatyn. Travelling light and without a companion to chat to, I ended up talking to myself and making a short audio diary for the last two stretches: What Will Music Be? and The Spirit of Music. These are edited and on the appropriate Ramblings website pages for you to listen to.

A delight at the end of the walk was to find a silver sculpture gleaming against the sea and sky. Called 'Ends and Beginnings', it represents the rising sun in the east for dyke walkers just setting off, or the setting sun in the west for finishers such as myself.

The first draft of the first ten chapters  is written and web-published. The next few weeks will be necessary to complete the final five of Ramblings About Music. After that - any interested publishers out there?