Saturday, 26 March 2011

A Week Just Went By

I nobly try to get an hour minimum violin practice in every evening (except Saturdays, which are for listening and boozing).  Even if I'm tired after a day's work I can generally do this instead of flopping in front of the TV.  V. tired on Tuesday evening this week so was exceptionally surprised to find that my bowing technique had taken flight and improved by a significant leap, intonation for double stops, too. What's going on? "Learning" is an alchemical process of getting what you need to know not just into your brain but into your body and fingers as well. That leap from brain to body happens of its own accord. You can encourage it, but the end result seems to happen in its own time. That suggests to me that the learning continues unconsciously while conscious physical practice is only one element of the process.

Wednesday: listened to the XX. I like all the empty spaces permeating their floating, rhythmic inventions.

There was another little musical event this week worth mentioning. Thursday: heard larks singing while I cycled to work. Their numbers are declining. I tried to imagine a world without birdsong and remembered Olivier Messiaen, too.

Saturday: back on the sofa.

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